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BroderickHaight builds upon years of international development best practices experience to develop comprehensive trainings tailored to your organization’s needs. Trainings provide senior and new team members with a common language and framework for effectively managing an increased volume and variety of proposals. In the BroderickHaight approach, team members from all departments, not just business development, are consistently cross-trained on how to support business development processes—institutionalizing enterprise-wide business development efforts and helping manage high workloads. Working within your existing parameters, we develop an iterative training system to define and refine the processes and systems to meet your quickly evolving needs. Suggested trainings include:


  • Proposal Management BootCamp: Participants will master the facilitation of technical design and proposal writing.

  • The Final Stretch: Review tools and review sessions designed to improve proposal quality and win rates.

  • Full-Cycle Proposal Recruitment: Identifying, vetting and packaging candidates to win.

  • Competitive Pricing & Costing: Workshops on compliance, procurement and how to conduct local partner pre-award organizational capacity assessments to meet USAID FORWARD standards.

  • Ahead of the Game: Training on strategy development, market analysis and capture planning.

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