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Project Start Up/Close Out

Start-up can be the most intensive, time-consuming stage of a project. But launching a new project is also exciting and can set the project up for success if approached in a systematic, organized, and transparent manner. Bringing in an external expert to guide the process ensures it continues to move forward while project staff focus on laying the foundation for activity implementation. With experience providing start up support in multiple countries and contexts, BroderickHaight consultants seamlessly step in to:


  • Develop initial project documents and internal manuals

  • Procure and organize office space and equipment

  • Recruit and vet local personnel

  • Train and onboard staff

BroderickHaight supports the entire life cycle of the project, from start up to project management, grants and contracts, project management systems and procedures, organizational and technical training and evaluation, culminating in close-out assistance tailored to the complexity and location of the project. Whatever your organization’s need, our consultants have the flexibility, creativity and exposure to the best (and worst) practices of a variety of development organizations to help you succeed.

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