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Project Management

For BroderickHaight, business development is the prism through which organizations plan and build their future. Beyond the simplistic movement of proposals through a gate review system, our team members possess the panache, gravitas and deep international experience to manage the creative tensions, juggle long-term institutional priorities and anticipate implementation challenges while guiding program design efforts that are responsive, compliant and exceed best practices for the sector. Utilizing the tools of project management to help overstretched teams with limited resources, we can direct and write the entire proposal, develop your logframe, PMEP and Gantt chart while creating your management section, CVs, budget notes, etc. Adhering to tight deadlines, we proactively anticipate needs and work with your fluid and diverse internal systems to manage each stage of the business development process from capture through submission. To develop competitive proposals, BroderickHaight will:


  • Ensure compliance and sector best-practices by developing proposal compliance matrices, guidelines, and outlines while comparing design against larger strategic frameworks and donor expectations.

  • Direct your gate review process to set clear expectations and models for inputs at each stage.

  • Lead your capture planning systems to develop win strategies, themes and discriminators.

  • Coordinate and support your costing and pricing, recruitment, and contracts systems.

  • Integrate USAID FORWARD into program design during the pre- and live bid phases of a proposal with INGO Partnership & Local NGO partnership management tools.

  • Oversee proposal production and submission, including package templates and tools.

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