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Subcontract & Procurement Manager,

CATALYZE Innovative Blended Finance Project

at Palladium Group

Project Overview and Role

The Subcontracts and Procurement Manager will be an important member of the USAID-funded $250 Million CATALYZE project. CATALYZE is a DC-based, global innovative finance project which will mobilize $2 Billion in blended finance over an eight-year period. CATALYZE will serve as a “platform of platforms” that will provide services to many missions and bureaus that “buy in” to tap the CATALYZE investment and pay-for-results project management expertise.

The Subcontracts and Procurement Manager will support the Director of Finance and Administration ensuring that all subcontracts and procurements are implemented in compliance with USAID and Palladium rules, regulations, and procedures.



  • Act in the capacity of subject matter expert to provide staff with guidance on and interpretation of Federal, State and local as well as all USAID regulations, terms and conditions, as they relate to the procurement life cycle and administration of subcontracts

  • Provide appropriate guidance to CATALYZE home office to ensure Palladium policies and procedures are followed and/or amended to coincide with the prevailing requirements

  • Provide guidance to CATALYZE field office staff to ensure process standardization and compliance with Palladium policies and procedures

  • Liaise with Palladium Contracts & Compliance (C&C) team to keep staff informed of any changes and updates to the relevant regulations as they relate to administration of subcontracts

  • Prepare, update and maintain project-customized templates, including all required USAID flow downs for various subcontracts, purchase orders, leases, etc.

  • Review and approve draft subcontracts awarded in compliance with the applicable Palladium policies and procedures and USAID conditions

  • Maintain the approved Subawards Manual and relevant templates and tools in accordance with applicable regulatory and contract requirements

  • Ensure that award requirements and USAID regulations for subcontracts are met in relation to the expenditure of funds, subcontracting, personnel, procurement, property management, travel and other areas

  • Review and negotiate terms and conditions of subcontracts and purchase orders of varying complexity, including but not limited to commercial item subcontracts, consultant agreements, and umbrella contracts (Blanket Purchase Agreements and Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity)

  • Prepare Commercial Item Determinations

  • Maintain audit-ready subcontract files, and facilitate external subcontract audits as required

  • Serve as primary point of contact for all disputes with CATALYZE subcontractors

  • Responsible for timely resolution of internal and external issues/problems related to subcontracts administration

  • Accept requisition requests from CATALYZE staff for the procurement of goods and services

  • Work closely with CATALYZE staff to develop Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotations as appropriate

  • Conduct pre-award risk assessment of subcontractors and draft corresponding appropriate special conditions

  • Prepare subcontractor monitoring plans, conduct monitoring in collaboration with project and finance staff, and document monitoring results, including performance, compliance with terms and conditions, and budget management

  • Conduct training and capacity building for subcontractors as needed, in particular for those new to USAID funding

  • Monitor business risks including but not limited to tracking funding delays, execution of subcontracts, expired authorizations, delayed payments and advances to subcontractors and vendors

  • Contribute to the project’s financial forecasts by closely tracking subcontractor invoicing projections

  • Track use of small businesses for client reporting

  • Actively participate in weekly meetings to assess compliance with terms and conditions of awards and take leadership in seeing that deficiencies in compliance are corrected



  • The role reports to the Director of Finance and Administration, CATALYZE

  • The role will be required to liaise closely with members of the Palladium Project Management Unit, other staff, implementing partners, and clients



Key competencies and professional expertise requirements:

  • Extensive experience managing USAID subcontracts with partners of varying capabilities, with management of multi-country programs a plus.

  • Expert level knowledge of various types of FAR based contracts (such as CPFF, CPAF, T&M, and FFP)

  • Proven experience in competing, evaluating, negotiating and administering subcontracts, purchase orders and other procurement instruments

  • Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing formal compliance programs, including risk assessment, subcontractor monitoring and oversight, and audit determinations

  • Strong analytical skills to successfully perform financial reviews, determination of responsibility, and other forms of qualitative analysis

  • Extensive experience in budget preparation, award negotiations, subcontract management, procurement, performance auditing, and dispute resolution

  • Ability to analyse financial data and prepare financial reports

  • Demonstrated capacity to use ERP system

  • Above average accounting, business and administration skills

  • High level of attention to detail and accuracy

  • Proven ability to work closely with technical staff to develop solicitations (RFPs and RFQs)

  • Good organizational and planning skills

  • High standard of written and verbal communication skills

    • Excellent skills in Microsoft Office, particularly advanced Excel

    • Excellent English language communication skills; fluency in an international language a plus

  • Familiarity with the inclusive finance, blended finance, and impact investing field a plus 

TO APPLY: Submit your cover letter and resume to with the subject line “PG Subcontract & Procurement”

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