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Kris Thorpe

Senior Associate

Kris Thorpe is an international development expert with over 10 years of experience in program management, proposal development, and project evaluation. She has an impressive track record of developing successful proposals for a range of international donors, having helped her employers win over $1 billion in contracts and grants. She possesses targeted experience across a range of sectors, including local governance, decentralization, civil society, human rights, gender and development, conflict, elections, and economic growth. With experience backstopping and managing projects all over the globe, she offers a valuable combination of technical and management skills that ensure effective leadership and project implementation for a variety of donors. Kris also possesses in-demand analytical skills, including survey design/analysis and multivariate regression analysis, and has significant experience conducting project evaluations and assessments for USAID. She holds a Masters of Public Policy with a concentration in international development from Georgetown University and is proficient in Spanish.

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