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Grants & Contracts

Deluged by demands to simultaneously approve multiple new awards and sub-recipient realignments, most grants and contracts teams rarely have the bandwidth to also act strategically and proactively. Because award and sub-award management work is often cyclical, we provide surge support during busy seasons or during staffing gaps. With diverse experience of how international implementers deploy multiple techniques to maintain and guarantee compliance standards, our team also seeks out the best strategies for simultaneously ensuring program success and reducing potential implementation challenges.


  • Surge Support: To free staff time for a comprehensive systems overhaul or coverage during recruitments, BroderickHaight can reduce the workload of your Grants & Contracts team by providing subaward management support to better align Grants & Contracts support with program needs and improve efficiency of executing sub-awards.

  • Systems Analysis & Recommendations: After conducting interviews with key stakeholders across multiple project offices and an extensive review of existing documentation, BroderickHaight makes recommendations for how clients could implement necessary systems upgrades and develop manuals and staff trainings to better comply with the super-circular as well as the variable compliance needs of other USG and non-USG funders.

  • Tools & Procedures: We develop fully compliant manuals and standards on the entire cradle to grave process at both the prime and sub-recipient level, everything from managing a competitive solicitation to pre-award assessments, program start-up, sub-recipient monitoring, and close-out.

  • Experiential training and mentoring: BroderickHaight designs and delivers both in-house and sub-recipients trainings with ongoing mentoring that demonstrate comprehension and utilization of key skills grounded in the needs and realities of their work environment. 

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