Farhat Jilalbhoy

Senior Associate

Farhat Jilalbhoy is a development specialist with over 12 years of experience working with foundations, international development organizations, and at the grassroots level. She has led nonprofits and foundations in strategic planning to guide their investments and long-term operations, project design with a focus on innovation and scale, implemented and managed projects domestically and overseas (with funding from the US government, bi-lateral organizations, and through public-private partnerships), and served as a technical advisor on youth, gender, workforce development, rural livelihoods, education, and peacebuilding. Farhat is fluent in Spanish and has worked in Costa Rica, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. She has a demonstrated track record of supporting regional and national offices remotely and seamlessly stepping in on-site to facilitate capacity building and design workshops. 


E-mail: info@broderickhaightconsulting.com


LinkedIn: BroderickHaight Consulting


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