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Christina Hartman

Senior Associate

Christina has more than 14 years of experience in the international and business development sectors, during which time she has built civil society programs from the ground up in difficult, transitional environments, fundraised millions of dollars for rights-based and democracy programs domestically and across the globe, and developed sustainable strategies for various aspects of non-profit organizational development. In particular, she conducted assessments and provided one-on-one mentoring support to NGOs in Kenya, Serbia, Sudan, Uzbekistan and other countries throughout Africa. Her experiences provide a wide range of expertise including: building relationships to influence policy, mobilize the NGO sector, and secure funding; managing matrixed teams at local, national and international levels across time zones; and, crafting convincing, evidence-informed messages for audiences from Capitol Hill to Hollywood to Twitter. Christina has lead and delivered development results for local, non-profit, government and international stakeholders in more than a dozen countries.

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