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at BroderickHaight Consulting 

On behalf of several clients, BroderickHaight is seeking top lead technical writers with business development experience who can write, manage, and support all or key aspects of bids for USAID, DFID, USDA, etc. Our clients require short-term consultancies or long-term in-house staff with the skills and track record discussed below:


Lead technical writers should be ready to drive the technical design process, provide reality checks to exuberant technical specialists and synthesize large quantities of information into the succinct formats required for proposals at all stages of the proposal process – from capture through submission. Lead technical writer must have the panache and gravitas to utilize industry standard processes to articulate coherence and purpose for prospective projects in their preferred technical (sub)sectors. Flawless technical writing, superb editing skills and knowledge of how to manage the proposal process required. In addition, potential consultants must possess the ability and willingness to calmly a leading role making decisions about technical design that lead to winning bids.

  • Develop preliminary strategies and white papers for anticipated bids based on the advanced knowledge of donor goals and objectives, including determining top level budget strategies, partner strategies and ability to assess human and financial resources needed to deliver a winning bid.

  • Lead capture work remotely, at home-office and in the field.

  • Articulate a competitive, innovative and compliant vision that exceeds the donor demands and beneficiary needs

  • Devise benchmarks, outlines, calendars and matrices to measure proposal progress.

  • Proven ability to plan for and facilitate individual assessment meetings with key informants, large meetings with key partners, as well as structured design and review meetings for bid teams.

  • Proven drive to take responsibility for all aspects of a project and coach colleagues for success.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proven experience performing the duties discussed above

  • Track record leading the design process and writing bids for USAID, DFID, USDA, etc.

  • Impeccable writing, editing and oral presentation skills.

  • Overseas field experience


If interested, please send a one-page cover letter and your two-page CV to recruitment@broderickhaightconsulting.com. The cover letter should specify your track record leading and writing winning bids – by company, sector and country.



E-mail: info@broderickhaightconsulting.com


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To directly contact someone on our team, please email him/her using this format firstname @ broderickhaightconsulting.com